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Adult/Teen furniture

Adults Wooden Bench and table

AED390.00 exc. VAT
AED100.00AED150.00 exc. VAT
AED1,230.00AED2,450.00 exc. VAT
AED1,630.00AED3,000.00 exc. VAT
AED1,150.00AED1,595.00 exc. VAT

Adult/Teen furniture

Double Barrel Table

AED600.00 exc. VAT

Baby Shower

Festoon Bulb Lights

AED250.00AED850.00 exc. VAT

1st Birthday

Kids Teepee

AED100.00 exc. VAT

Children's Furniture

Kids Wooden Benches and Tables

AED240.00AED865.00 exc. VAT

Adult/Teen furniture

Pallet Stack

AED395.00AED745.00 exc. VAT

Adult/Teen furniture

Pallet Table – Large

AED200.00 exc. VAT