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Adult/Teen furniture

Adults Wooden Bench and table

AED390.00 exc. VAT

Adult/Teen furniture

Bamboo High Table

AED150.00 exc. VAT

Adult/Teen furniture

Banquet Table with white cloth

AED180.00 exc. VAT

Cake Tables and Plinths

Box Ghost Plinth

AED120.00AED160.00 exc. VAT
AED1,230.00AED2,450.00 exc. VAT
AED1,180.00 exc. VAT
AED1,630.00AED3,000.00 exc. VAT
AED1,450.00AED2,880.00 exc. VAT
AED2,070.00 exc. VAT
AED1,500.00 exc. VAT
AED1,150.00AED1,595.00 exc. VAT